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Tes Heures

Issue: n85 q377142q

Bobby Fischer Tournament Roll Up Chess Board by WE Games; Luopan compass; The Fourth Dimension by Charles Howard Hinton, 1904; Other Things Seen, Other Things Heard, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, 1978; The Swan, No. 21, Group IX/SUW, Hilma Af Klint, 1915; Theosophy and the Fourth Dimension, Alexander Horne, 1928; Lo Shu Square.

Editor’s Note:

Na Mira’s Tes Heures is a multimedia online piece that engages with the archives of late artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha through audio, video documentation, and diary-like presentations.

After discovering tesseracts—the fourth dimension of a square—within Cha’s work, Mira dove into Korean cosmology, ancestral lines, and broadcast technologies to create a microphone dedicated to Cha.

Mira documents her interactions with the microphone as their sounds change with her body and respiration; discussions, songs, news, baseball broadcasts, and bells rise from the airwaves.

By investigating the possibility of the fourth dimension, Na Mira, in her own way, opens that portal for us within the frame of Tes Heures on Sequencing.

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Na Mira’s autobody rites trespass linear history and knowledge structures, tending to entanglements at the edge of perception. Working across time-based practices, sculpture and writing, she weaves fragments into cosmologies. Mira has presented widely at sites including Seoul Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, The Kitchen, and Participant Inc. Mira has received awards from Rema Hort Mann Foundation, the Foundation for Contemporary Art, the Rauschenberg Foundation and Wendy’s Subway will publish her first collection of writing in 2022. Mira graduated with a BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an MFA from University of California, Los Angeles, and now teaches about time at University of California, Riverside. She grew up between the U.S. and East Asia and lives in Tovaangar / Los Angeles.