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Fulcrum Arts advances collaboration at the intersection of art and science to impact positive social change on a civic scale through exhibitions, institutional partnerships, interdisciplinary symposia, festivals, residencies, and outreach education.

Our programming forges deep and lasting connections with artists and the region’s top scientific, research, technological, design, and cultural assets.

To be an influential cultivator of art and science-informed actions that illuminate vital social and humanitarian perspectives.


  • We believe there is a vast and potent overlap between the arts and sciences.
  • We recognize that art and science derives from a multitude of cultural perspectives, traditions, and systems of knowledge.
  • We are committed to promoting equity in our internal structures and in the communities we serve.
  • We foster interdisciplinary creative collaborations.
  • We strive to build, maintain, and strengthen networks of artists and communities.

Land Acknowledgement
Fulcrum Arts acknowledges the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples as the traditional land caretakers of Tovaangar (the Los Angeles basin and So. Channel Islands). We pay our respects to the Honuukvetam (Ancestors), ‘Ahiihirom (Elders) and ‘Eyoohiinkem (our relatives/relations) past, present, and emerging. 

As our programming takes place throughout Los Angeles County, we further acknowledge our presence on land inhabited also by the Chumash, Kizh, Serrano, Tataviam (Fernandeño), and Luiseño, to whom we pay our respects.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy
Fulcrum Arts is dedicated to building cultural equity into the very structure and fabric of the organization at all levels ensuring that underrepresented populations and voices are included and heard. We support creative practices that incorporate broader, non-western, and Indigenous traditions that resonate within the nexus of art, science, and social change to expand, define, and further human achievement.

We are committed to promoting equity and inclusion across all aspects of our organization while maintaining our support of the arts community. Specifically, we strive to promote diversity, inclusivity, and equity in our internal structures, the communities we serve, and the programs we curate. We aim for all our employees, volunteers, artists, and constituents––whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, or disability––to feel valued and respected. 

We commit to:

  • Integrate equity and inclusiveness as a value and practice that informs Fulcrum Arts’ mission.
  • Affirm and celebrate the worth of all persons served by our programming and commit to widening our audiences and participants to include those from marginalized identities.
  • Monitor materials/policies on a regular basis and create new materials in compliance with our desire to promote equity and inclusion.
  • Ensure an anti-bias environment in grant-writing, donor cultivation, board development, organizational partnerships, hiring practices, and programs such as Emerge, AxS, and our annual Benefit.
  • Address anti-biased language in our marketing, publicity, and web presence.
  • Support all forms of diversity, including but not limited to: gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation and identity, education levels, religious and spiritual belief systems, neurodiversity, socio-economic status, and ability.
  • Revisit this plan on a regular basis in recognition of the fact that it is a living document and will continue to change as we grow as an organization.

To promote equity and inclusion at Fulcrum Arts, we endeavor to:

  • Promote radical change by providing platforms for thought leadership, creativity, and innovation at the intersection of art and science for diverse communities.
  • Work collaboratively with partners in local communities to break patterns that have contributed to these disparities and find new ways to work together for justice and equity.
  • Actively source new community partners, board members, and artists outside our current reach.
  • Maintain an enduring commitment to inclusion that is championed by Fulcrum Arts’ organizational culture, values, norms, and behaviors.

Board of Trustees 2022-23

Scott Tennent
Chief Communications Officer
Hammer Museum

Sarah Conley Odenkirk
Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP

Raphael Lehrer
Founder and Art Director
Public Art Company

Rodrigo Rodarte
Project Manager

Members at Large

Christina Chu

Cassandra Coblentz
Independent Curator

Güvenç Özel
Technology Studio Lead
IDEAS/UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design

Vincent Ruiz-Abogado

Aandrea Stang
University Art Gallery Director
California State University, Dominguez Hills

Dr. Tara Zinnamon

Advisory Committee

Elizabeta Betinski
Writer and Curator, Bardo LA

Nancy Baker Cahill

Alejandro Cohen
Director, Dublab

Kathie Foley Meyer
Artist and Arts Consultant

Adam Gross
Independent Consultant

Theresia Rosa Kleeman
Arts Educator, Owner, Studio Sereno

Ed Patuto
Director for Audience Engagement, The Broad

John D. Spiak
Director/Chief Curator, Grand Central Art Center

Jorn Weisbrodt


Nick Cimiluca
WordPress Developer

Karen Lofgren
Grants Writer

Robert Takahashi Novak
Executive + Artistic Director

Patrick J. Reed
Curator + Artist Program Manager

Tanya Rubbak

SLS Consulting
Public Relations

Scarlett Wang
Digital Media + Marketing Coordinator

Holly Witham
Finance + Accounting