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The Radical Listener: Field Recording, Agency and The Art of Relational Listening

April 6—9, 2017

As part of his AxS Incubator residency, Lawrence English will lead a group on a 3-day field recording workshop, from Pasadena, …

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Lawrence English

March 31 — April 9, 2017

Fulcrum Arts welcomes Australian artist and composer Lawrence English for a special AxS Incubator residency and workshop. Lawrence English is composer, artist …

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Domnitch & Gelfand, LIGO/Caltech

December 10, 2016

Since the broad implications of quantum theory began to prove increasingly inescapable in the 1970s/80s, physicists have been faced with …

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Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand

November 15 — December 15, 2016

Fulcrum Arts welcomes artists Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand (Amsterdam), and guest-curator Isabel de Sena (Berlin), as our first participants in the AxS Incubator. …

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Christopher O’Leary

June 11—21, 2016

Over ten days in the summer of 2016, Christopher O’Leary traveled to the Atacama desert in Chile to complete the …

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A×S Festival 2014

September 19 — October 5, 2014

AxS [ak-sis] is a two-week citywide festival produced by the Fulcrum Arts that explores the nexus of artistic and scientific …

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Fire and Water

A×S Festival 2011

October 1 — 16, 2011

AxS 2011 is a festival celebrating Pasadena’s remarkable heritage as “The City of Art + Science.” Pasadena’s world-renowned arts and science …

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