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Fulcrum Arts has produced some of the most innovative collaborations in art and science over the past five years.

I’m here to tell you our exciting news, and invite you to join us to make it real! Fulcrum Arts is finally building a home for Art and Science in Pasadena — a space for experimentation and collaboration between artists and scientists.

Designed by award winning architect and artist Güvenç Özel, we envision our new space to be a lab, a proving ground, a home for the radical and the new.

Pasadena is often referred to as “The City of Art and Science” and we will continue to collaborate with our local partners, including Caltech, NASA/JPL, and the Carnegie Observatories, to name a few. Our program will be international in scope, serving local, regional, and global communities.

We need your involvement to build an ideal flexible and inclusive space for everyone to come together, to listen, to learn, to experience beauty and true wonder.

Join us in making space for our organization and the community to thrive.