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Lawrence English will lead a group on a two-day field recording workshop to explore the richly diverse biological landscape of the California Central Coast near Santa Barbara. We will explore various locations based on their ecology, collect recordings, share techniques/methods and discuss the ways in which field recordings can be used in sound art and music practices.

Participants will meet at the UCSB Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, where we will meet up with UCSB staff and students knowledgeable of the area. The Cheadle Center houses regionally focused collections of terrestrial plants, algae, and vertebrates, as well as an extensive plant anatomy collection, and provides research support and facilities for UCSB’s departments of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, and Earth Science. They manage over 238 acres of land surrounding the UCSB campus with the aim of preserving native plant resources and biodiversity of the region and advancing understanding of restoration strategies and preservation of ecological function in urbanized areas.

We’ll start by framing our excursion with a conversation surrounding the theory and practice of “active listening.” Broadly, English’s work is mutually invested in examining the ways that technology, subjectivity, environment, and modes of engaging existence influence the way we perceive and translate sound. That afternoon, the group will venture out to two sites to listen and record using a variety of approaches.

The next day we will meet back at the Cheadle Center for a brunch sponsored by the UCSB Media Arts and Technology Program, a tour of the collection, and discussion regarding the area’s biodiversity and sound landscape. Later that afternoon, we will again cast our ears towards the surrounding biospheres.

You don’t need to be a skilled field recorder to attend – this is for everyone, from the curious first timer to the well-experienced sound designer. This field trip will cover not just technical aspects, but philosophical, aesthetic and conceptual approaches to working with environmental sound.

Participants are required to bring their own recording device – whether it is a digital field recorder, cassette recorder, minidisc, iPhone, iPad, video camera, or other mobile recording device. English will teach how you can capture very interesting and compelling recordings using any kind of technology.

The participation fee is $150.

Attendance is strictly limited to 14 individuals. Maximum purchase of two tickets per buyer.

In addition to a recording device, attendees are responsible for their own transportation (carpooling available), meals (excluding Sunday morning brunch), travel expenses, and accommodations in the Santa Barbara area. Fulcrum Arts will be organizing options for accommodations and can secure a spot for those who are interested, though attendees are responsible for payment.

Please note that attendees will need to be prepared for some light hiking in various terrain. Those with physical limitations are welcome to inquire about feasibility.

Please contact Geneva Skeen, Program Coordinator, if you have any questions: geneva(at)fulcrumarts.org

Additional in-kind support provided by the UCSB Media Arts and Technology Program.

Various Location
Santa Barbara, CA

$150 | Tickets