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As part of his AxS Incubator residency, Lawrence English will lead a group on a 3-day field recording workshop, from Pasadena, to the Mojave Desert, and concluding in Las Vegas. We will explore various “sound locations”, collect recordings, share techniques/methods and discuss the ways in which field recordings can be used in sound art and music practices.

Participants will meet in Pasadena, where we’ll discuss the science of sound, various recording technologies, and the act of listening. From there we will head to the Desert Studies Center(DSC) in Zzyzx, CA in the Mojave Desert for an extended recording session and overnight stay. The DSC is centrally located within a region of diverse geological, biological, and cultural resources, and provides support facilities for those engaged in research or academic field studies in a rich variety of disciplines.

The next day we will cast our ears towards the Vegas Strip. Las Vegas is one of the iconic visual landmarks in the world, and it also happens to contain a diverse sound world.

You don’t need to be a skilled field recorder to attend – this is for everyone, from the curious first timer to the well-experienced sound designer. This field trip will cover not just technical aspects, but philosophical, aesthetic and conceptual approaches to working with environmental sound.

Participants are required to bring their own recording device – whether it is a digital field recorder, cassette recorder, minidisc, iPhone, iPad, video camera, or other mobile recording device. English will teach how you can capture very interesting and compelling recordings using any kind of technology.

The participation fee is $75, which includes an overnight stay and 3 meals at the DSC. The second evening in Las Vegas is optional, and attendees will be responsible for their own accommodations and meals.

Attendance is strictly limited to 10 individuals.

In addition to a recording device, attendees are responsible for their own transportation, meals, travel expenses, and securing accommodations in Las Vegas.

The DSC can honor most dietary requests if made no later than 1 week prior to the trip. The accommodations are dormitory style, and visitors are required to bring bedding, toiletries, flashlight, and reliable walking/hiking shoes.

The nearest sources of dry goods and automotive supplies are in Baker where prices are high and selection is limited. Plan to bring any extra supplies you anticipate needing or purchase them reroute.

Additional in-kind support provided by the University of Nevada Las Vegas.