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Fulcrum Arts is among 45 Southern California institutions to have been awarded funding from the Getty Foundation as part of the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time: Art x Science x LA initiative. The funds are in support of the research and planning for the exhibition Energy Fields: Vibrations of the Pacific Edge, to be co-presented with Chapman University in 2024.

Co-curated by Fulcrum Arts Executive and Artistic Director Robert Takahashi Crouch and artist Lawrence English, Ph.D., Energy Fields: Vibrations of the Pacific Edge focuses on the scientific, creative and philosophical implications of vibration. We have assembled a culturally and geographically diverse group to expand an understanding of vibration and its ontological implications. Additional researchers include Rana Adhikari, Ph.D., Caltech Professor of Physics; Marcus Herse, Director of the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University; Vanessa Kwan, Program Director, Grunt Gallery (Canada); Patrick McCray, Ph.D., Professor of History, UC Santa Barbara; Enrique Rivera Gallardo, Executive Director, Santiago Media Biennial (Chile); Fiona Shen, Director of the Escalette Collection at Chapman University; and Nina Tonga, Ph.D., Curator of Contemporary Art at Museum of New Zealand (New Zealand).

This project seeks to survey and interrogate sound and vibration and through doing so build a critical understanding of its relation to art forms and artists engaged in these practices across the broad geographic region that is the Pacific Rim. Sound and vibration allow us to make precise observes the material world. By “listening” to objects as large as the sun, as infinitesimal as an atom, or even the resonances in string theory, vibration reveals a way of knowing our world that sits in excess of the visual spectrum.