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IGNITE/FLOW, curated for the AxS Festival by visual/sound artist Steve Roden, features three commissioned works by four remarkable interdisciplinary artists. IGNITE/FLOW is a site-specific work designed to respond to both the FIRE and WATER theme as well as the dramatic Wind Tunnel Gallery at Art Center College of Design’s South Campus.

Composer Mark So presents READING ILLUMINATIONS [reading 41], a sonic exploration of fire and water elements in visionary post-romantic poet Arthur Rimbaud’s dizzying collection of prose poems.

Mutii-media performance artists Yann Novak and Robert Crouch present FATA MORGANA – a fragmented travelogue which mirrors the rare and complex Fata Morgana mirage phenomenon which hauntingly inverts the boundaries of figure and ground over both desert lands and seas.

Carole Kim presents SCAN, a highly textured work incorporating live performers, real-time cameras, feedback loops, soundscapes, original music scores and computer-controlled projections on a multi-planar cloud-like structure that will break down the projected image into particulate fragments.

Art Center College of Design
Wind Tunnel Gallery