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Fulcrum Arts and the Williamson Gallery at ArtCenter College of Design will present the symposium, Free Radicals: Evolving Perspectives on the Convergence of Art & Science, the newest program of Fulcrum Arts’ AxS (art + science) Initiatives.

Free Radicals will present a robust, two-day program of artist talks, performances, and presentations. Rather than focus on one specific thematic, the symposium will present an array of diverse viewpoints and approaches to the intersection of art and science. Cybernetics, space research, Earth sciences, media archeology, and museology, will all be addressed and positioned within a greater conversation that recognizes the allied importance of both the arts and the sciences to the dynamic tenor of our time.

Saturday, July 8

Coffee and breakfast pastries
Keynote Presentation: Margaret Wertheim
Dan Goods and David Delgado
Ciara Ennis
Erkki Huhtamo
Lunch Break (the cafeteria at ArtCenter will be open)
Richard Chartier (Performance)
Flora Weigmann & Nina Waisman
Jay Belloli
Christina Ondrus
Stephen Nowlin
Beer & Wine Reception at the Williamson Gallery

Sunday, July 9

Coffee and breakfast pastries
The Center for Advanced Visual Studies Special Collection, MIT
Metabolic Studio
Andrea Polli
Alex Schweder
Lunch Break (Cafeteria will be closed, please plan accordingly)
Sarah Rara
Jessica Rath
Channing Hansen
Masood Kamandy

During Free Radicals, the exhibition ECLIPSE will be on view at ArtCenter’s Williamson Gallery, co-curated by Williamson Gallery director Stephen Nowlin and Williams College astronomer Jay Pasachoff, in association with New York Historical Society Curator of Drawings Roberta J.M. Olson and Lick Observatory artist and curator Anthony Misch. In addition to works of contemporary art by Lita Albuquerque, Russell Crotty, Stephen Dankner, Rosemarie Fiore and Jacqueline Woods, as well as historical paintings by Howard Russell Butler (1856-1934), the exhibit will include astronomical artifacts from the Lick Observatory and Carnegie Observatories, historical artifacts sourced from the Huntington Library, and projections from NASA sources.

Free Radicals: Evolving Perspectives on the Convergence of Art & Science has been made possible with the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts, ArtCenter’s Department of Humanities and Sciences, and in-kind support from GuestHaus Residency.

ArtCenter College of Design
1700 Lida St.
Pasadena, CA 91103

In Focus

Margaret Wertheim: Free Radicals - Art, Science and Figuring the World

Dan Goods and David Delgado: The Museum of Awe

Ciara Ennis: Creation Myths and Founding Collections: The Museum of Jurassic Technology and its relationship to Tradescant's Ark and the Early Days of the Ashmolean Museum

Erkki Huhtamo: Media Manias

Richard Chartier: Recording the Grand Tonometer

Nina Waisman and Flora Wiegmann: Laboratory for Embodied Intelligences

Jay Belloli: Mars: Astronomy And Culture – A Traveling Exhibition

Christina Ondrus: Knowledges

Stephen Nowlin: Eclipse

Jeremy Grubman: The Center for Advanced Visual Studies Special Collection, MIT

Lauren Bon: Bending the River Back into The City, an adaptive re-use of infrastructure and an underground monument

Andrea Polli: Hack the Grid

Alex Schweder: Performance Architecture

Sarah Rara: Syzygy

Jessica Rath

Channing Hansen

Masood Kamandy