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Fulcrum Arts is pleased to present Deep Ocean/Deep Space, a regional celebration across Greater Los Angeles that foregrounds the union of art and science as a powerful engine of contemporary culture. Featuring a robust program of exhibitions, performances, lectures, screenings, and workshops presented by over a dozen partner organizations, Deep Ocean/Deep Space provides public opportunities for discovering the fascinations and tensions catalyzed by two arenas of human knowledge often considered opposites. 

Our 2022 edition looks above (to the furthest reaches of space) and below (to the depths of the oceans) and revels in the mysteries that surround us. By mirroring one abyss against another, it seeks to go beyond what we know about the universe thanks to the extraordinary discoveries made by astronomy and oceanography.

We invite our communities to gather in the spirit of exploration and contemplate the incredible, impossible symmetries to which we all belong, just as we invite our communities to interrogate these symmetries in terms both immediate and infinite, from our critical ecological entanglements to the vastness of the frontiers that inspired this celebration. 

2022 Fulcrum Festival: Deep Ocean/Deep Space is dedicated to our dear friend and colleague Jay Belloli (1944 – 2021).


The 2022 Fulcrum Festival: Deep Ocean/Deep Space is made possible with the generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Pasadena Art Alliance, Wilhelm Family Foundation, TBA-21 Academy, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, mediaThe Foundation, Inc., and Arizona State University.

Media support provided by dublab, Lookout FM, LAIst, and CLOT Magazine.


We would like to extend our gratitude to the following individuals for their energy, enthusiasm, and support, without which the 2022 Fulcrum Festival would not have been possible: Leah Clancy, Erica Clark, Alejandro Cohen, Dan Goods, Dan Kohne, Tim Leanse, Raffi Lehrer, Markus Reimann, Sam Rowell, Danielle Siembieda, Cameron Stallones, Scott Tennent, and Van Webster.

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