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The Moving Mountain

Star Death and The Pain Body

March 17 — April 21, 2018

Star Death and the Pain Body is an immersive video environment created by Rachel Mason as part of an ongoing performance-based cosmology in which she correlates the events in the life cycle of stars to different states of human trauma. Through interviews with physicists, Mason’s effort is to understand the conditions of the cosmos in human terms. In Star Death and The Pain Body, the exploration is the end stage of a star’s life, and the possibility of two types of death – explosion or implosion, with the two possible outcomes – supernova or black hole. The video features master of contemporary dance, Oguri, as the physical embodiment of the human experience, as well as the voices of 2017 Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne, Caltech’s Rana Adhikari, and UCLA’s professor of astrophysics, Andrea Ghez. It also features original music by Mason. This endeavor is part of a larger project by Mason with various collaborators, called The Moving Mountain, which is a sponsored program of Fulcrum Arts.

Charlie James Gallery
969 Chung King Rd.
Los Angeles, California 90012

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