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Selah Gospel Choir

Seasons of Praise

Saturday May 25th @ 7:30pm | Sunday May 26th @ 4:30pm

Selah Gospel Choir (SGC) was founded as a haven for people who want to sing high-quality gospel music but are either unable to find it in their own church/spiritual center or do not identify with being in a church at all. We are not directly connected to any religious organization yet the religious/spiritual makeup of our singers is broad and inclusive. Our singers are diverse across the identities of race, age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and ability. 

Selah expects that all who enter our community are welcomed and shown respect AND welcome and show respect to others, inclusive of our many differences. Circling around central values such as love, intersectionality and community, SGC demonstrates these values as they sing for a purpose greater than themselves. This vibrant and challenging ensemble strives to remain authentic to the traditional and contemporary forms of gospel music.

Pasadena Covenant Church
539 N. Lake Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101

$15 Advance or $20 door | Tickets | More Info