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One House Twice at the Neutra VDL Research House

May 6, 2017 | 4PM, 6P M + 8 PM

ENTER>text and homeLA are pleased to announce a collaboration with the Neutra Studio and Residences (VDL Research House) culminating in an immersive performance event. Dance, literary, performance, installation and sound artists are currently developing new works in response to this distinctive architecture and National Historic Landmark.

Bernard Brown // Morgan Green // Ashaki M. Jackson // Douglas Kearney // Mak Kern with Mona Tavakoli and Cary Gallagher // Emily Marchand // Emily Meister // Wendy C. Ortiz // Andrew Pearson // Priyanka Ram // Erin Schneider // Willy Souly // Emerson Whitney

$20 | Buy Tickets | More Info