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KNOWLEDGES at Mount Wilson Observatory

June 3—4, 2017

KNOWLEDGES at Mount Wilson Observatory returns for a weekend featuring site-oriented art installations and performances at the historic astronomical observatory. The exhibition features commissioned works by Scott Benzel, Jeff Cain, Krysten Cunningham, Erik Frydenborg, Channing Hansen, Gregory Michael Hernandez, Alice Könitz, Karen Lofgren, Margaret Wertheim, and Rosha Yaghmai, plus an edition by Claire Nereim. Saturday night’s program includes performances by Jeepneys, Harrisant Khalsa, and other free events. Ticketed telescope sessions feature live music by Constance Demby, M Geddes Gengras, Ernest Gibson, Mary Lattimore, Matthewdavid, Tara Jane O’Neil, and White Magic.

Mount Wilson Observatory
Los Angeles, CA

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