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Please make checks payable to Fulcrum Arts. Note Small Business Creativity Lab on the memo line or voucher.

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Fulcrum Arts
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Pasadena, CA 91103

Small businesses are the backbone of our American economy. For generations they have created vitality in diverse neighborhoods while offering individuals opportunities for financial independence. However, today small businesses face an existential threat due to the catastrophic impact of COVID 19. In order for local businesses to recover, effective responses must not only address recent losses, but also acknowledge that traditional approaches to disaster recovery have often failed to address pre-existing inequities or protect community interests. Rather than go it alone, business owners and neighborhood leaders need to collaborate, taking a creative approach to reveal mutually beneficial opportunities for communities to control their future.

Through the Small Business Creativity Lab, diverse local stakeholders in Historic Filipino Town will come together to discover innovative and creative ways to ensure that local entrepreneurs and their workforce are not sacrificed in the aftermath of the COVID crisis. Together, they can imagine, test and implement new ways to create communities of shared health and prosperity. Rebound efforts with a creative thinking approach will activate trust, illuminate community assets, and create space for innovation.

Our work starts by creating space for a strong collaborative spirit among community partners, beneficiaries and participants to advance a shared vision and goals for each local lab. Over a mutually defined timeframe (weeks or months) we work closely with all stakeholders to re- imagine their local businesses, articulate neighborhood identities and revive local economies. Communities gain a greater sense of local identity and cohesion, while business owners gain knowledge and skills, financial and technical support, as well as a network of local organizations, coaches and mentors who will continue to support them as they move forward. We design the model, manage the process, cultivate support, engage communities, facilitate learning, and evaluate our shared progress.