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Please make checks payable to Fulcrum Arts. Note The Oh My God Particle Show on the memo line or voucher.

Mail to:
Fulcrum Arts
145 N. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103

THE OH MY GOD PARTICLE SHOW!” aka “OMGPS!” is a one-woman particle physics show that encourages all audiences, especially girls to be as smart as possible and enter STEAM careers. The theme of the OMGPS SHOW is the discovery of the HIGGS PARTICLE, nicknamed “THE GOD PARTICLE” and responsible for connecting everything in the universe.

It is a love story based loosely on “DANTE’S INFERNO”, but this Smashing Particle Physics version is about a woman hunting for “THE GOD PARTICLE” in GENEVA at the CENTRE FOR NUCLEAR RESEARCH (CERN) with thousands of scientists…A Poet who looks a lot like EINSTEIN and has the KNOWLEDGE of the greatest poets and teachers like VIRGIL and C.S. LEWIS, takes her on her journey…sometimes more “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” than Dante, she travels deeper and deeper through the Large Hadron Collider hunting for the GOD/LOVE particle and through the entire scientific method complete with doubt and fear that she may find NOTHING. She is terrified of the INFERNO like DANTE and that the BEGINNING OF TIME and all of LIFE will be meaningless. To her surprise she finds EVERYTHING she ever wanted. PEACE. LOVE. UNDERSTANDING and the MAGICAL GOD PARTICLE and ultimately the experience of love that UNITES US ALL….her discovery is that it is all actually inside of her, and in that way she is connected to the entire universe.