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Please make checks payable to Fulcrum Arts. Note Long Shadows: Five Centuries of Writing, Erasing, and Re-Writing History Along the California Coast on the memo line or voucher.

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Fulcrum Arts
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Long Shadows will be a six-hour audio mini-series that explores centuries of cultural encounter and erasure, and the resulting writing and re-writing of California history. It interweaves narratives from early encounters between Native, Spanish, and Anglo cultures with present-day manifestations of that past: public celebrations, history classes, geopolitical divisions and civic policy, resurrections of ancestral languages and culture, California tribes struggling to obtain Federal recognition, and historians working to re-construct the old narratives.

It is organized around three moments of cultural displacement, examining the influences which shaped events during those encounters and then went on to shape how their history was written. The first act explores the start of European colonization through the biography of Juan Cabrillo, tracking his boyhood in Seville (the first European gateway to the West) through his involvement in the overthrow of the Aztecs to his death in 1543 off the California coast while leading the first European voyage to California. The next focus comes two centuries later, examining the struggles of native tribes under Spanish settlement. The last is on the Anglo supplanting of Californio culture in the mid-19th Century and how romanticizing the culture of earlier conquerors obscured harsher waves of enslavement and extermination.

A sound-rich, essayistic collage exploring how the biases of the past continue to constrain our understanding of the present, it will be available as a podcast and be used as the basis for a series of live performances.