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A×S Incubator residencies provide mid-career visual artists with opportunities to develop new ideas and methods by forging deep connections to the region’s remarkable array of scientific, research, technological, design, and cultural assets. The A×S Incubator was launched in 2016 as a pilot program, recognizing the critical need for support for artists to conduct deep research in collaboration with established laboratories and scientific research institutions. The initiative was designed to be an open-ended research residency to help artists to think about possibilities to work in new ways through access to processes and approaches normally out of reach in the studio setting, and to help the scientific community to recognize new concepts for creative thinking and public communication within and beyond their field.

The A×S Incubator is currently by nomination/invitation only, and the host institutions will vary from year to year.

Residents + Events

AxS Incubator Resident Exhibition

Julia Christensen: Upgrade Available

April 3 — August 23, 2020

Opening Reception: Friday April 3, 7  — 9 pm We are pleased to share news that Julia Christensen, a current Fulcrum …

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A×S Artist Interview

Lawrence English

By Vardui Sharapkhanyan

In his text, Listen: A History of Our Ears, French musicologist Peter Szendy asks, two questions: “Can one make a listening …

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Sara Rara

September 26 — December 31, 2017

Fulcrum Arts welcomes Los Angeles artist Sarah Rara for a three-month residency at Caltech. Sarah Rara is a Los Angeles-based …

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The Radical Listener: Field Recording, Agency and The Art of Relational Listening

April 6—9, 2017

As part of his AxS Incubator residency, Lawrence English will lead a group on a 3-day field recording workshop, from Pasadena, …

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Lawrence English

March 31 — April 9, 2017

Fulcrum Arts welcomes Australian artist and composer Lawrence English for a special AxS Incubator residency and workshop. Lawrence English is composer, artist …

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Domnitch & Gelfand, LIGO/Caltech

December 10, 2016

Since the broad implications of quantum theory began to prove increasingly inescapable in the 1970s/80s, physicists have been faced with …

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